How do you make a color slider?


Can anyone help me? I'm making a SURPRISE PROJECT and it needs a color slider. Like the example for the holiday card contest! I can't find out how to make one it it would be super cool in my project? Can anyone help me?


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That's ok! Maybe @Valgo will respond to this :slight_smile: hopefully, I will look at their projects and if I find it, give credit :wink: thanks!


I've never done one before, but I will give telling you my best try.

@Rawrbear knows how to make it slide back and forth. To use the color changing, just do something like...

When character is sliding right (Or whatever the block is called), increase value color by one. When character is sliding left, increase value color by -1.

I think that's how it works! :smiley:


Thank you! @LazyLizard @Intellection74


Maybe you could peek at the code in Rawrbear's code for the St. Patrick's Day game he made! I will try to help, but my iPad is charging so I am using the computer!


I know how to make one! I can make a tutorial.


I know how to make one! I'm on my phone right now though so I can give a tutorial later :grimacing:


Thanks for all the support! Actually I just finished coding it! I'll give you all credits!