How do you make a art pad with resizing drawing thicknes and a changing color art pad


Okie I need help with making a art pad I cannot do it I made a blank one color pad but no resizing change color art! HELP ME I AM SO DESPRATE!!!!!!
If u need to contact me on hopscotch my username is lolgirl:gem::gem: .
Thx so much, Lolgirl


You need help with width? :wink:


Calm down :D

Can you say that again, I don't truly understand :)


Yes and the actual art pad I am clue less


I can help then! What do you want me to do? :wink:


Welcome to the Forum you'll love it here


Don't worry! :wink:
You don't use the "Change Color" or "Change Width" block! You actually use values, if you branch from other art pads!


I can publish a blank project and call it dude73help and u can get me started if u can then I can finish it cause i think that might help hopefully fingers crossed.:comet::comet:


Alright! I will add width and a few colors so you know how to do it, then I would recommend watching the secret colors tutorial to learn HSB colors.


Thx I Lready did watch them it's so cool


I made one while watching a YouTube video and I can send the link if you want!