How do you make a art pad width picker? I NEED LOTS OF HELP


the title says it all plz I need help! @POMTL @laserpais_friends


What picker?


Width picker


You just add a value block in the width section on a leave a trail block


Do you understand values enough to do that? Or do I need to do a crash cour on values?


Buttons or a slider? Or something else


You need a variable that increases or decreases when something is done. Then, set trail with to that variable.


What kind of width picker do you want?


I have a few ways to do it

First way(arrows)

Second way(buttons)

Third way(slider)

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Set width of trail to a value, pull out a text repeat forever set text to the width value, pull out two more texts one with an arrow pointing up and one pointing down, go back to the reapeat forever set text block and say when the up is pressed increase width value by one and when the down arrow is pressed increase the value by -1. (Sorry for the ‘essay’ i can’t do a screenshot of the full code because I have a phone)


You could use my code in a drawing pad that I have made called “SuperDraw”, but I got some code from @CreationsOfaNoob, so you should ask him for permission in order to use it.


When < is pressed increase value width by -1
When > increase value width by 1
Set width to value width
Set text to value width.


For the slider, one of the values got cut off (it was the size value)


Ok, so, here we go. You can only use hsb or rgb colors in this case. First, you make four variables, R G and B, or H S and B, and Width. Just like any other art pad, make a When ipad is tapped, set position: x last touch x, y: last touch y block. Also a When Ipad is pressed, draw a trail color r: R, G: G, B: B, or H: H, S: S, B; B. And width being, of course, the width variable you made earlier. When you make a color, make a block that says When (object) is tapped, set R to R, G to G, and B to B. Or that, but with HSB. I hope this helped! Also, look at my art pads for more detail