How do you make a 3D Sprite?... (Not working 7/7/16)


So im making a duck simulator.

And I want 3d sprites.

I want to make higher quality projects like on my scratch account. I want to use hopscotch and python more.

Its always been hard for my to code on my ipad and I pefer not to, be now ill try.

But anyways does anyone know how to make 3d sprites :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello? Anyone?

I might have to put ftml .-.


What is a 3D Sprite?


Like what @magmapop does


I think @magmapop made a tutorial on it, I'll link it to you brb


Here it is! @MrHotdog64


MagmaPOP definitely knows how! Also, he made a project called "derp-dog adventure UNFINISHED". Just go to magmapop' profile and check it out. Just copy the code, but customize it.


Im knd of, well not coping but im looking at his code for reference.


Umm I can try to help...


I am using MagmaPOP's bone for example

This is the game start code, the first repeat 50 is just for timing and is not required. The second code, create a clone, is the main thing needed in making these cause it won't work without it. The last thing, repeat forever, is infinitely increasing a valuable used like a length, so you can also use that.

These are the most complicated parts, so I will try to summarize. The first two line are changing the size and color of the clone using the length valuable. Then, it goes through the code until the clone meets the code with the valuable that fits the code (I hope that makes sense :). Then when it fits, the clone changes into the text.

The bottom just sets the position and speed of the one clone. The required things to add is the block to create another clone, a block to increase the valuable, and a set position making the new clone higher then the last.

But the biggest thing needed is,

To keep testing :D

Also try to examine more 3D code until you understand it well enough :slight_smile: _Stick88


Yeah. That's what I meant.



U SAVED SOMEWONS DAY!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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HEWLP! The 3D Is not working :(


I need a picture of how it ends up as.


its a blank screen....