How do you Let Someone Edit your Post?



Hey, forum community!

I have recently seen people allow people to edit their post by tapping the purple edit button in the top right hand corner.

It was set to default without that edit button, so you must have to code it on your post.

Does anyone know how to code this? If so, that would be helpful.


You need to be a regular to do this hope that helps!


@Huggingfluffybear, I think you misunderstood me there. I am currently not a regular.
I am talking about the purple edit button that non-regulars can use that are on the top right hand corner of some posts.


Yes, you need to be a regular to do that. We have a button that lets us do that.


What @Murphy1 WHO IS IT

What do you mean by anonymous


@CreativeCoder, do you mean there is a button that puts that purple button on the post?



What do you mean by that...


Yeah, only level 3 and up can currently do this, I think


Just for when I am a regular, which button does that purple edit button putter for you regulars?


It's a notepad next to the bookmark button


Yeah, It should b- what @CreativeCoder just said while I was typing this.


Sadly you will not become a regular for a longtime:cold_sweat: You'll get there though!