How do you invite


Hwo do you invite somebody in hopscotch forum? It makes no sense. Can somebody tell me how to and what it means?


you can invite someone to the forum by typing in their email or type in someone's username to invite someone to a topic


Here, this should help.

click me to see the topic

Link provided by Madi_Hopscotch_ in this topic


Great tutorial @TromaxTheDestroyer!

@friendship2468 Here's a bit more info as well. Just make sure you search the topic of your question before asking and you might find answers already there :smiley: When you search "invites", the first topic that appears is about invites and it should answer your question. Here's a post from that topic:

You can read more about this topic you clicking here too.


Thanks guys I love your enthusiasm for helping people.


No problem @friendship2468 glad it worked!