How do you have the COLOUR RANDOM *number* to *number*


Please help! I've been trying to figure this out! It's basically says: Set text to # Color random number to number @t1_hopscotch @liza @SASSYSINGER


Hi @Trendygirl, what you do is:

Drag out a Set Text block-

Then on the left you'll see the purple "Random __ to ___" block. Drag that out into the Color space instead-

And then you'll find that you'll be able to tap on the Random block and edit its numbers :smile:


Thanks so much @t1_hopscotch this helps a lot!! Will give you creds


Glad it helped! No need to give credit, it's just a little trick :smile: You can do the same thing with values as well and drag Values from another block into a Color space too.


But there is a random color thing at the bottom of the cool picker too


Random color picks one from all the colors. @Trendygirl wants a color from a certain set of colors only.


Yes @NDSDNS I was following a tutorial on a swirl drawer thing and it had that :wink: