How do you get your projects featured?


I'll get straight to the point. How do you get your projects featured? Do you have to pay, or something?


Hi @SabotageWarning! Good question, to get into featured you need to work hard and be nice, and your project could end up in featured :slightly_smiling:


This is from Today I learned that writing, aka copy and pasting, a real quote without anything else says that the post is empty.


The Hopscotch Team just chooses any cool projects that they see and they go on featured! For trending, a lot of people have to like your project(s), and for rising, it's like featured, but for beginner hopscotchers! And I'm not trying to be rude, but search before you post. There's been like a 1000 of people asking this question.


But how does Hopscotch search through all of the games?


DANG IT! They beat me to it by a few seconds!


(Just kidding, not that mad!)


Like how normal people do. Literally just looks through projects. But that doesn't mean you spam a lot of projects so they notice you.


They usually go through trending, something that isn't chosen by them, and take them from there.




I really like your unusual user name, @SabotageWarning. Ominous and ambiguous as to whether it belongs to friend or foe... :bust_in_silhouette:

Anyway, to your question, which has been posed and answered many times and in many places by others, I don't know if there is, in fact, a formula for it. The HT have mentioned things like "fun" and "cool" or "new" or "puts a smile on our faces." Does that help?

I do have a suggestion to offer. It might be worthy of consideration. I would suggest to you, publishing something that can only be done through the use of a new technique which you have created and shared with the community. Then, even if it does not get "featured", it will still be a "win" for everyone. Notice how @MagmaPOP, PurpleHawk, Funky63 (whichever one is the "real" one), @AHappyCoder, @JaszyKake and, of course, @t1_hopscotch and so many others do that. By being clever and dilligent and sufficiently generous to share their code and methods, they are setting a fantastic(!) example of how to make a difference and "get featured", if that is what your heart is really set upon.

I may be wrong, and it certainly won't be the first time, but I have conjectured that what motivates these coders is something quite beyond the desire just to win a little attention and intangible approval. I think they truly love what they are doing. If not, then they sure have done a fine job of making that impression on me. Their projects are, sometimes, a self-evident labor of such love. Of course, creativity comes springing from that! It cannot not do so. Look how beautiful the results! I think it represents the best there is in a community of coders who freely share their ideas. My "advice" then (as if I have any to give) is to let yourself "go there" - to the places where they seem to go, as they create.


Best reply ever!


You're welcome, of course. As I work on other serious projects, waiting for results, I frequently get a free moment. So, from one of my free moments, please be encouraged! You have amazing potential, beyond your own expectations - in coding and in everything else you do. Of this I am certain. I am not talking to the air. Not talking to a computer screen. I am talking to you.

The mind-bending part? When you have realized and fulfilled that potential, you won't need approval from anyone! Of course, you will gracefully receive, appreciate and return it; but it will simply come to you from all directions, as if from pure "empty" space - a natural consequence of your creative effort, borne out of the white-hot love of whatever it is that you do! I will be happy to see that happen for you and for anybody else who believes it. As I've said so many times, there is the primary reward in anything. :sunglasses: