How do you get to regular?


So you have to do these things to get to regular
But you can't rename yourself on the forum but only mods I think can so I'm confused!!!?



I'm a member!!!!!!!!!!


That regular I just took a pic of it from someone else's profile and cropped it!!


No, you must do this :wink: Or ask mods :slight_smile:


Be on for 50+ days
Read 20,000 (20K) posts
Read 500 topics
Don't get too many flags



Rename topics, not yourself.


Is it ok if you get like 1 2 or 3 flags??!


I think so. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok @BuildASnowman!!!!!


How do you get the green link thing??!


Like this?

<a>Like this?</a>


Yes but with the link to something!


Oh! Just type the text you want to be the link, highlight it, and press the chain button in the post editor and type the link.


Like BAS said ^

Or do this! [name of the link] (the actual link!)

Like this:
Click [here] ( to go to @Paige1212's profile!

Click here to go to @Paige1212's profile!


to get regular you have to be Very active (I started in March and I got my regular badge in July) and you have to read lots of topics and post and like lots. The more active you are, the Sooner you get your regular badge...



I started in July
What month will I get mine!
I am on at least 2 hours a day!!


You have to be on for 50 days I it won't be long! Yay!


What about me?? I need a checkup, but no mods are here. @PopTart2109 isn't here


What do you mean @ButterBark????!