How do you get those cool emojitextures



How do I get those cool emojitextures? I really want to know how for a game I am making!!


For some cool ones,
go to settings
In general, select keyboard
Press add a new keyboard
Select Japenese, then kana.
Then you can get some cool ones like these!
♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪☆:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:


Thanks @Dude73!!! Taking up space!


But how do I get the ones like the arrows and the chess pieces?!


With the Japanese Kana keyboard

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You can either make one with emojis by yourself, or you can copy a free to use emojitexture! I know there was a really good project with 100 free to use emojitextures on featured! :smile:


Oh, that one! Download an app called Fancy Key, or look up "[Whichever symbol you need] Unicode character" in Google! :smile:




Never mind :stuck_out_tongue:


....I just copy it from good projects.


I made a tutorial. Just search "Kana" and it's the one with the really long professional title.


I'm often using this site, where you can copy Unicode characters and paste them into your project


Unicode Pro #BestAppEver!

You can get all sorts of amazing shapes, like crocodiles and elephants!

Totally. Worth. The. Money


I use an app called FancyKey


:poop: :curly_loop::dog::black_circle::dog::black_circle:


We are saving up for that and/or FancyKey!