How do you get the special characters like mandrill?


Can someone please tell me how to get the special characters like mandrill and the Halloween characters! I would really like to know. Thanks!


Special ones, as Mandrill, Jeep, Ms. Chief and etc. are paid.
Halloween ones were limited time offers during Halloween 2013, I think?
But not all hope is lost! :open_mouth: You can remix old project with the characters to kind of get your own!


Oh ok thanks a lot :grinning:


You have to buy them, they cost $1.29 NZ. But if you get them I think you really help The Hopscotch Team, they need to keep paying for more storage for the projects.


SGD$1.99 for me...

Of course we're all in different countries...


99 US cents for me...
OK, let's GBOT about paid/exclusive characters and not currency unless one of us decides to make a HS currency converter. wink emoji


Sounds good to me but what does GTOB stand for?


Oh ok that is cool what device do u use