How do you get the Promoter Badge?


How do you get the Promoter Badge?


When you are a member, you can invite people to a topic. I didn't get the badge yet, but that is how I think you get it. :grinning:




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You get the promoter badge when you invite someone to the forum and they join. For example I invited my backup account and got the promoter badge


Members and above I think. As long as you can invite. :blush:


You invite people who aren't on the forum yet to the forum by email, and if they accept, you get the badge after a day or so. :)


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Go to your profile, and you should see something that says 'Invite users' or something like that. I don't believe you have to be of any trust level to see it.
EDIT: Go to your profile and click on 'Invites', then click on 'Send an Invite', and enter a valid email address in. Then, if whoever you sent it to accepts the invite, you will get the 'Promoter' badge.


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