How do you get the Logos?



So I've seen some Hopscotchers with character logos, like MagmaPOP, Kiwicute2016, and SmileyAlyssa. Can someone tell me how to get it? i want the bear one ^_^.

      P.S, I cant update the game \:T.


You can't get those anymore there gone!!

Although if you had one you could keep it!


What logo?


hopscotch's profile pictures.


You can't get those anymore




Unfortunately, the newer Hopscotch updates don't support character profile pics. :frowning:


They were removed in the update. You can get them anymore :frowning:


You can email the Hopscotch Team asking for one. They will change it.

But you can't change your profile picture to one anymore, only The Hopscotch Team can. That was in the old version.


The Hopscotch Team can't change people's to old ones either.


In March, I saw a new Hopscotcher that started that month and her/his profile picture was a character.


Probably a bug, then. I remember someone emailing the Hopscotch Team, and them saying they can't do it.


I don't think so. I think you can still do it.


I emailed them to change it but yeah.. They said they couldn't


Go to settings on your profile, and go to profile picture and there are 3 options. Pick either gravatar or picture. And tada!


They mean avatars in Hopscotch, not the forum.


They mean on hopscotch.


I can change it! :smiling_imp:
School iPad powers! :smiling_imp:
I'll go change it now if you dont believe me


How lol


We have a different app store so we have the old update. So i can get that change my pic and get the new update again


Oops nvm it wont let me log in i have to sign up