How do you get the catch phrase thing


Help anyone? I am wondering how you get the catch phrase thing next to your username. Like for example @SmileyAlyssa can u help me because you did it and I see other people that have it

@Kiwicute2016 also can u help


Oh @kiwicute2016 did them, she doesn't anymore


@Kiwicute2016 was changing them for DOS, a day where we support LGBTQ+ members who are bullied.
She doesn't do them anymore I don't think.


Um o...k.. @PercyJackson9 I am not saying I don't believe you but I am going to see if that's true so does anyone know​:grinning::grinning::grinning: no feelings to be hurt @PercyJackson9


Oh ok. Thanks @smishsmash


Your welcome :) @SimplySouthernGurl


Um. It was for DOS since I am bi I got it and I support them


It is for Day Of Silence. Kiwicute was doing LGBT related titles!


She does not take requests anymore it was only on day of silence as well it needs to relate to LGBTQ+