How do you get regular badge?



Dose anyone know how to get the regular badge or leader badge

  • regular badge

  • leader badge


I really want to know


OKAY can someone tell me how to?


You half to reed a lot of posts and be on for 50 days and not be flagged over I think 5 times and leader you get promoted I think!


So, to get regular you have to be on for fifty days and view and like a certain amount of posts.... For a better explanation you should look at a different topic!
The Hopscotch Team chooses leaders that are helpful and productive, and that use good punctuation. Leaders make the best out of every reply and are on-topic and make sure people have the help they need. :wink:


Yes, I know how to get both!

To become a regular, you have to be on for a while, and read/reply a certain amount of posts. It can be taken away from you if you don't fulfill these requirements.

You have to be on for at least 50 days. You have to read a lot and reply a lot, and be a dedicated member of the forum.

Leaders have seen everything, and been on for a while. They speak intelligently, keep the forum on topic, and add to the discussion!

The only way to get Leader is manual promotion, and they should come rarely. A moderator can promote you if they feel like you deserve it, or it's not working for another moderator that's trying :wink:


Got it now how do you get ■■■■■■■■■ letters


What was the word you used? I like to know just in case you were being rude, hurtful mean or plain language!


He's okay- all he said was big black letters :wink:

@Jeteye if you are talking about bold, have a word, then put ** around it.

** the word **

Just don't add spaces :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


thanks again(I used it right now)


There is a topic dedicated to that. I think it is called trust point FAQS, but I am not completely sure.


Here are the links:

I wouldn't worry too much because they are new, but just know @Jeteye that you can use the magnifying glass button to see if a topic exists so we don't have duplicate topics! :wink:


When you say "at least 50 days" do you mean straight or can you be off some days?


50 days just means 50 days;) so you can take some days off and such