How Do You Get Regular After You Meet All The Requirements?



We meet all the requirements for the Regular badge, we have under 5 flags, and we don't have the badge yet. Does the system have to make sure you meet all the requirements before you get the badge?

Why am I regular but don't have the abilities?

You have to be on for 50 days


I've been on for more than 50 days though, and I just met all the requirements today. Do I have to be on for 50 more days?


I'm not really sure.


Maybe wait till tomorrow, then you may get your badge :wink: the server lags


She isn't on. @BuildASnowman?


He's not on either.


Yes I am! You will be promoted by tommorow, if not sooner. Regular badges get updated once every day in UTC time, I believe.


Yeah, I thought that, maybe the server won't recognize it till tomorrow or has to double-check if I meet all the requirements.


Thought so, thanks for telling me!


Wait...wait...wait...AUGH...THATS HOW I FELT