How do you get on game changers?



So me and my friend were talking about being on featured, rising, etc. and she said she had never been on game changers. I keep wondering for 1 week now, how do you exactly GET on game changers? If you guys could tell me, that would be a great help! :blush:


My thought is something never done before.


I don't know either. I want to know, too. Maybe introduce a type of game Hopscotch has never seen before or something like that p?


The hopscotch team chooses the best projects ever made and was on featured!


Game changers is even harder than featured! It has to be something that changes the way we code in hopscotch, something so amazing that people's minds explode :smiley:


I think it has to be a game so unique and very well coded. No lag or glitches and has to not been made before, probably. It has to not have been done before. It takes a long time to get on game changers, and its very rarely updated.


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Has anyone tried searching up "Nominations for Game Changers" or I guess I'll do it.


Nope, nothing except this topi and nominations for featured.


Yes, probably because they rarely update it


I think it is like a scroll of fame...