How do you get on featured



How do you get on featured?


You code a really good game then have it get millions of views and hundreds of likes


thanks i was wondering and do you have any tips for the forum!


Make awesome projects and maybe one day (I think they hand pick the projects on Featured) you'll get in Featured.
To get on Trending, you have to get a lot of likes in a short time. (Or maybe just total, but I dunno)


To get on featured you will probably need a very hard working project that should be a little unique unless it's like a very good version of a un-unique project. You also don't want just to have code like draw a spiral or grow 999999. Also don't remix and publish if you change nothing because you can steal credit.


A trick to getting on featured is to make something new and original, for instance, don't expect to get thousands of likes on a drawing pad knowing that there are many other drawing pads out there. Try playing around with the code blocks and create something new, for instance, my first feature was the 3D Gold Block, all I did was take a normal 3D shading sphere and mess around with the code in it! So my final advice to wrap this up is to look at your past projects and think "what can I create with this?". Code on peeps!


My biggest tip is to work hard. :smile:

  1. Don't get off topic! Stay on the topic of Hopscotch and the title of the topic!
  2. Be nice! This one's straightforward!
  3. Help others, not fight! Help other people with the stuff they want to know, and don't fight about it!
  4. Search before you post! Before making a new post, click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the forum and look it up!

Hope these helped! :smile: