How do you get hyperlink to the game you want


How do you get to the game you want from the hyperlink. I know how to get the hyperlink but I don't know how to get it to the game I want. If someone could help me I would be very happy so I could use It in posts


When you see the project you want to get the link to, click the box with the arrow pointing up.

Then solve the multiplication problem!

After that, some options will come up. One of those options is on the bottom section, it's labeled 'Copy'.

Click that and you've copied the link! Now you can post it on the forum if you want.


Go to published in your account, click on the box with the arrow coming out of it, click copy link, answer the math problem, then hold down until you get an option on wherever you're trying to paste it, then hit paste. Hope this helps!


First, click da hopscotch app. Then click da smiley face on da bottom.

Next, scroll to find the project u want.

Press the button with the box and the arrow pointing up.

You have to solve a multiplication problem. There not very difficult tho.

There will be options, so press "Copy"

Then press the home button, and go to forum.

Then make a post or topic.

Double click where u type and press paste


Here is a topic that I made about it! (Instead of the notepad option, press copy :wink:)