How Do You Get HSB Colors?



Hey, I'm Eco-Friendly Cookies! What I'm wonder is how do you get different colors than the ones listed? I've seen a lot drawing pads with LOTS of colors. How do you get those? Thank you!


Find a website for HSB

Find a list of them on the forum!

Ask for help from friends!

Ask @liza!


Take a look at the secret colors video on Hopscotch! :slight_smile:


Type an HSB

Example: HSB(100,100,100)

Copy it

Go to a set color

Hold down on the set color until the word "paste" comes up

Click "paste"

You should now have a HSB color

For HSBs, search for HSB colors on the internet or HS :wink:


I thought it was really hard bit it's actually easy! I figured it out by watching a YouTube video and it's hard to explain. The Hopscotch Team made pne on their YouTube channel I suggest watching it.


@Eco-FriendlyCookies if you need help with HSB colors, just ask me. I specialize in HSB colors.


watch the video! :slight_smile: in hopscotch!