How Do You Get Hopscotch Béta?



How do yo get Hopscotch béta?
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Hi @Nas-Studio that's a good question. You can help to beta-test by emailing the Hopscotch Team at

You'll find answers to your question by searching the forum too :smile: Just type "Hopscotch beta" in the search icon in the top right corner and you'll see helpful topics a little way down.


@Nas-Studio remember to search before you type using the make-things-look-bigger glass
(magifane or something )


Yeah Sorry I Forgot


He only joined 2 days ago and hes already telling you that stuff. Well whatever.


There's nothing wrong with sharing tips with others no matter how recently you joined :smile: @Stampys_fans was being helpful


Hi @Nas-Studio to get Hopscotch beta just email the hopscotch team or ask them on forum then they will give you a link to download hopscotch beta. Hope this helps:smile:

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