How do you get featured? ☹️☹️☹️☹️





It took me like a year and a half to get a feature. Here's what you can do to make it there!

  1. What do you like to code? Trail art? Pixel art? Games? Backgrounds? Choose that, and think of something fun to code.
  2. Code away! XD
  3. Look for bugs or things you could improve on, then tweak the code to fix them.
  4. Publish the project and ask for criticism on here. Make sure to fix bugs other people have noticed as well.
  5. Nominate your project for Featured!
  6. Hope for the best!


Ok so here's some tips

  1. Spend time on the project, you want it exciting and fun to play

  2. Maybe try big pixel arts or trail art -don't worry if it takes you a long time


Work hard and deliver projects of high quality! That´s my best advice.


You can always search it up with the blue search bar in the top right.
These topics pop up.


You can also email Liza with the suggestion for the feature


It takes time, dedication, and effort.

I joined in September 2016 and I have gotten four features since then. That normally doesn't happen though.

If you spend a lot of time o an project and it's something no one has ever seen before then THT might feature it!

Keep trying no matter how long you've been on hopscotch!


Thanks, @Snoopy @Currency5097193 @ValueGamesStudio @Dolphin_coders @MiNi_hopscotch @William04GamerA @Sensei_Coder @Sweetlina @Petrichor @Periwinkle_Dolphin @Dylan329! Now, sorryXD any ideas for my project?


Ask @rawrbear.


I am the T-Unit 139, the one they call TheAcingGamer. Featured is a topic of which your project is compatible to be very popular and unlike the others. Try your best to achieve your goals. Unidonut got featured for making a calculator, because it was good for usage and wasn't ever used for featured.


Try making a compatible project that no one has ever tried to use for featured and make the code signify the workings of it.





Why was this flagged

I have been on hs for a year and havent gotten a featured and I don't know how to get one


There are comments up there. Try reading them for tips.


Yes, I read the comments


Just work hard on a project.
Then nominate yourself for featured so THT can see it!


Like others said—time, dedication, and effort.

Or just time-travel to one of the times I got featured, which is twice. Because being featured was easier back then, when Hopscotch was more simple.

But now we can't do that. Anyways, I think the easiet way for you to get featured is if you make a pretty complicated pixel art, or a game that looked good and has good sound, point, etc.

Try looking at the games that are already on Featured to get some inspiration on the format of a pixel art or game. Or you could do something where you pick a few catagories of things, and then pick one thing from each catagory. And then try making a game about it!


Catagory: Jobs. l pick "Policeman"
Catagory: Fruit. I pick "Oranges"

Then you could make a game where the police are after you and you have to dodge the oranges they throw at you! (If you seriously do use this idea, then please tell me, but you don't have to give me credit :P)


Ive been here for at least 1year going on 2 and I haven't gotten a feature. Just work hard or hardly work


I was looking though these post and decided I think I actually will use the police-orange idea! Thanks @Ihasfluffycupcakes!


Your welcome :D