How do you get emoji"s



First go to settings tap on general then keyboards then keyboards and tap on add a new keyboard finally tap on that and look for emoji's and tap on that and BAM! YOU HAVE EMOJIS!!!! :grinning: :joy:


Good Job! This Can Come In Handy For Newbies On Hopscotch!


Thanks so much hopscotch team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your Welcome! BTW I'm Not The Hopscotch Team.


How do u get profile pics on hopscotch?????????????????????????


You Can't. But You Can On Hopscotch Forums. If You Mean On The Hopscotch Forums, Follow This Tutorial.

1. Click On Your Icon On The Header (Top Of The Website).
2. Go To Profile.
3. Then Click On Prefrences.
4. Scroll Down Until You Find The Text "Profile Picture".
5. Click On The Pencil.
6. Click On The 3rd Bubble.
7. Click On "Upload Image.
8. Find The Image You Want To Use For Your Profile Picture.
9. Hit "Save Changes"
10. Boom. Enjoy Your New Profile Picture On The Hopscotch Forums.

Also, I Asked If The Hopscotch Team Could Add That.


Emoji is just a special text symbols, so you can easily copy and paste them as a regular text on almost any device and platform. You may check this on It's easy to find & copy emoji by name or keyword, view emoji meanings.


I Mean, You Can Use A Profile Pic On Hopscotch, But You Can't Use Your Own.


You Can Try Emojipedia Too. :wink: