How do you get colors on hopscotch?



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That's not answering my question. I want to know how to get new colors on hopscotch and how to turn an emoji to a different color on hopscotch.


Are you talking about the secret HSB colors?


Yeah (lol it has to be 20 characters)


Take out a set text block, go into the text, type this HSB(any,any,any), then copy it and paste it into the color selection box! You can look up online what color you want to be for the HSB, I suggest using for it.

Any= any number to create your color

Neon Colors How do you get them? Do you know how

Ok thanks. Do you know how to change a emoji color. Like if I try to make a drawing game, I would like to add more colors than the standard emojis. On other peoples drawing games I see :black_medium_square: As an option to draw but a different color like pink. How to I change the emoji color?


First of all, you cannot change a normal apple emoji, you have to get a emoji that is from an app to change the color of the emoji. Earlier I was saying that I don't like your forum name, it is not appropite for the younger Hopscotchers. Continuing the discussion from How to create custom colors on Hopscotch!:


Thanks!!! And younger kids don't know what it stands for. Thanks for taking your time to show me this!!!


Your welcome! Some other Hopscotchers/People might know what it is, and the Hopscotch Team knows what it is. And welcome @lyss!


Don't they have a filter or something? How do they keep people from posting bad pictures?


I don't think your username is a good username for younger hopscotchers although maybe you didn't do it on purpose.

We can always flag a bad post, picture or comment. As you can see, some words are replaced by blocks to prevent bad things.


Ok just wondering :grin::joy:


Here's a cool color picker website! Colorizer


Also, this is not related to HSB colors, but here is a picture of color numbers by Grandemtn 2!


Unfortunately you can not change emoji colours but you can enlarge them and do the sort of things magma pop does


How did you change your username on the forums @lyss?


I was wondering about that as well. I'm glad it got changed.


@lyss please change your name. I know kids won't understand but what if they look it up? So please Try.


You need to have fancykey to change the color of some blocks


why is everyone complaining about the username?:\