How do you get better at Hopscotch?


I started hopscotch in 2014 some hopscotchers started in 2015 and they got so many times on featured. I only got one project on featured. How do I improve?


have you done the videos? they are super helpful!


Just try your best to make great projects and you will get there I haven't got in featured once because I'm not really known :sweat: But just try your best


What do you mean by videos?


See the plus button on the bottom of the screen on hopscotch that's the videos


The plus button in Hopscotch?


Yes the plus button in hopscotch


I don't see it


Click the create button and watch a video


Oh those ones, I watch them all the time.


No that is button the aqua button at the bottom


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Never think you are popular or deserve better things, go at your own pace and do your own thing.


Tell me, what's the most advanced project you've ever made?


Umm only one thing of mine got on featured, it was offices for a fashion coding club.


I have never been featured either! It's fine! Just try your best, and be nice! And it's already been like, 4 months for me. :( At least you've been featured once!


You'll just there! Everything takes time.