How do you get an animated profile pic


How do you get a animated profile pic????


I might want to change mine to like a animated dog or something!!?


You set a GIF as your account picture :wink:


Just save a gif to your photos and then set it to your picture!


Look up Gifpy.

It has all these animated ones.


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Also check this topic as you might learn something by doing these kinds of topics that you make


How do you get a gif?
Can someone show me a tutorial or something??


So what you do is pick a GIF you think is funny or cute. Next, click and hold until you get two buttons. The two buttons will say "save image" and "copy". Press save image. Then go to hopscotch forum and then go to the profile pic thing, then click the GIF. And there! Note: not all GIFs work.


Just think of something u like e.g. For me Disney then search on Google disneys gif and it will come up with loads then save as image and upload as profile pic


When I tap save image it's just saves one part!!?


It won't play in your gallery but when you use it for a profile picture or something it will play.


We'll I did that and it didn't move!!


Did it move at all and I think Hopscotch is having some problems with having gifs as a profile picture or user banner.


Nope!!!! @GiraffeProductions


You just search up what you want but put "guf" at the end lol

It's easy XD


Can someone show me a tutorial on how to get a animated (gif) profile picture?????!!!!!!


All you have to do, is go to google and search the type of gif you want, then save and make it your profile pic like you would a normal picture! :smile: