How do you get a profile picture on this forum?


I've seen a lot of people with profile pictures on the hopscotch forum but I don't know how to get one can you guys help me!! I would like to now thanks

Xoxo TeamSuper
P.S I have a real account on hopscotch so check me out my username is Team Super
With a space :arrow_up:


No, you don't need advanced badges. Just go into Preferences.

P.S. Don't forget to blur your email


How do you blur my email


I use an app called Skitch. Here's a post about annotating your pictures.


I dont use skitch i use instacollage and photo editor and you can use then draw to go over photos emails and names


Thanks for sharing the how-to @CreativeCoder!

With the re-arranging of the pictures, whenever you see one block of text that has <img ...>, that means it's a picture. They are inserted in the order that they appear, so you can work out which <img> corresponds to which picture, and then Cut and Paste them to put them in the order you want.

Or you could upload one pic at a time – it takes longer but they are inserted in the order you upload them at least. Thanks again for sharing the great tutorial!


Thanks, I'll try to rearrange it.

And dang it! It appears everywhere in Preferences! I'll fix that :sweat_smile:


When I tried to edit it and upload the last picture, my iPad lags super bad so I'll re-upload it later or tomorrow.