How do you get a moving profile picture


So I have seen moving profile pictures and been wondering "How do you make it move?" Can you tell me how?

Help me with this!

Those are called "gifs." You can find lots of them on the Internet, and you make them your profile picture the same way you do normally :D


Thanks @treefrogstudios


You're welcome! :D


Lol, look at my profile picture


But can you make a gif?

I copied my profile pick, can I make it move, screen record, and safe it as a gif??


What do you mean (oh) no you can't you just look up _______ gifs and once you find the one you like you press down and "save image" @JonnyGamer


Really? Hmm. I'm gonna try it
I though saving an image just saved one image in the whole gif
Because the photos app doesn't support gifs


@JonnyGamer just trust me, you will upload it to the forum and again trust me if will move


Sorry, it's taking a while, I'll tag you when it happens
(Testing something)


Wow! It worked @laser_eyed_puppy thanks!


You are welcome! Happy to help!


Yay I found a literal laser eyed puppy for a gif!


Yes! I did it!!!!
Yes yes yes Yes!


How do you do that??


I screen recorded a Hopscotch project, then used the Gif Toaster app to turn it into a gif! I'm so happy!


I will try that!!!!!!