How do you friend people on the hopsotch forum?


(http://@smileyalyssa)How do I you friend people on the hopscotch form?


You don't have a friendlist, if that's what you're asking since everyone on the forum are friends. You can call someone however by putting @ before their name, like @HorsesKM.


You can't.


Oh, ok. Thanks @DragonLover975!:relaxed:


:unamused: I know!!:rolling_eyes:


Sorry! Didn't see her post!


You can't 'friend' people but everyone is friendly on the forum and will b ur friend


It's fine, that happens on a lot of topics since so many people are eager to help. :smile:


Sorry i I didn't mean to sound to mean @EggsOnSaturn1 :no_mouth::relaxed:


Oh no, you didn't sound mean! It's completely fine!


Ok. And do you know how to make it send to a certain person? @EggsOnSaturn1


Click your icon in the op right of your screen
click your name
click invites along the top bar
type in the email of who you want to invite.
They cant already be on forum


What is your email? I want to try it on you.


tell me when you r on and ill post it and delete it @HorsesKM


@HorsesKM, you can't friend people. I'll explain it to you later in person, k?


K, @SmileyAlyssa! See you at track!:wink:


I'm on now @Candycane


Yep @DragonLover975 is right at the moment you can not!


Remember, sharing emails are not allowed anymore! :wink:


I didn't know that. I'm new.