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I feel awesome! I love being able to use pictures and make profile pics! Yay!


Fridges and freezers unite


Im not trying to be controlive, but you should really watch how you say you can post pics. Ik you have bragging rights bc you have that feature, but you shouldnt be braggy about it. And I am not jealous at all. Im not petty.


I honestly don't have an opinion, because yeah the features are good, but I honestly won't be using them much. Also, I'd rather donate a good $10-20 to THT to help them grow!


I agree! If you brag, it just makes those who don't have it even sadder and madder, which would be bad.


Even thought I don't think I'll use the subscription because I'm not very active, it's good that it's there and we can get it when we want to.:grinning: But if you want the subscription, you better hurry and subscribe before the 20% off launch sale is over. The price will be raised to $10.00 a month.