How Do You Even Chat Outside The Forum?


Why Are People Banned From Talking Outside The Forum? What Does That Even Mean??????? I'm Confused.........


I do not understand too, it's weird


Unless hopscotchers know each other in real life, we are not allowed to give out information about social media accounts. This is a rule because the hopscotch team want to keep us safe (also a legal matter) on the internet as they are not able to moderate anything that happens on other apps.

What exactly is communication outside of the forum?

Talking outside the forum is when Hopscotchers that do not know each other in real life use other methods of communication like Facebook, Instagram, email, or FaceTime.

That's not allowed because THT wants us to be safe, and on those things they can't be sure that we're being nice to each other :D


You can chat on social media, chat rooms, gaming systems, whatnot.
It's not allowed for safety reasons, a lot of people have been suspended because of this so I wouldn't try. :slight_smile:
THT won't be able to moderate what goes on in an app or a website that isn't theirs.


It's banned because it's not moderated. On the forum/Hopscotch, If someone posts something inappropriate, mean or something that shares Personal info, The hopscotch team can see it, and it will be deleted. On, let's say Instagram for example, it's not moderated...and if 2 or more hopscotchers communicate on there, and Post something that is inappropriate, THT can't see it and delete's for our own saftey...


It's not weird it's for safety. It's also in their terms of service


It means this:
Bobiscool1233: Hey Sally! I have Instagram! What's yours?
Sallysue879: Yeah bob! I do! My instagram name is sallylovescats107
Bobiscool1233: Cool! Can you post a picture of yourself?
You might think he's a 9 year old boy like he said, but he can be an adult behind the screen.
Another example:
Horselover456: Amanda! Do you have FaceTime?
Amandalikestocraft: Yeah horselover! My number is 123-456-7890
Now horselover can see your face, find where you live, and your number.
The HF Wants to be safe so nothing happens like that.