How do you draw over screenshots?



I've noticed that when some people post pictures, they draw arrows over them to show exactly what they are talking about. Is that a setting in the forum, or is it another app? If you know, please reply.


Another app like notability :wink:


OK, thanks! I've been wondering for ages!


Or... Sketchbook Express...


You can use things like the following.
•Sketchbook Express
•Paper 53
•Adobe Illustrator
And many more!


Oh, annotating pictures? I use Aviary photo editor, but there's also Skitch and a bunch of others! :smile:


Sometimes I use picollage, but I normally use Notablity :wink:


I use Pixelmator! It's free for the iPad and Mac. It is made by Apple.


i mostly use Skitch and Paper 53


Thanks everyone! That's really been a big help!


Hmm I use pro create but that costs so any drawing apps will work that allows you to import images it helps a lot and you can keep it at a one hand!


i use an app called paper. it's by 53.