How do you do this?!


I have seen projects like this in Hopscotch:

How do you get the background of the project to be the same colour as the browse background?


I think that might've been a glitch, but you can use HSB colors I guess


MagmaPOP used HSB colors to cover up the background.


People who make projects like these use the exact HSB of the hopscotch background to make it look like that.
(Lol I thought that project was a drawing until I opened it)


I can't find the background colour rule...


You use HSB colors to make the background. There's a video on the Secret colors!

What is the HSB of the background (what MagmaPOP did?)


Yes...I need the HSB of that...


Well, MP is known for hiding sprites/code using space blocks...


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The HSB is HSB(0,0,97.25)


I Shall Not Be Named was the first person to find that HsB


He hides with an empty text under the plus sign at the top right corner.



@OrangeScent1 You should maybe add that to your drawing pad!


Cool! Thanks for your help everyone!!!


Lol I did :stuck_out_tongue: It was on the first version of it


Oh lol.
I want to make a draw pad...


How to Make a Draw Pad

  1. Find hsbs
  2. Copy paste the same code for every single object
    Repeat 200 times


It is a bug look!


It's an HSB! I have used it in my project but some other custom colours won't work...