How do you do these things on the forum?


Hi peoples! I’m new to the form, I made this account ages ago, but never been on. I need some help with the cross out words and stuff, so this is a list of what I need help with.

  1. Different fonts. Like the invisible font and the big font.
  2. Finding topics. Like popular ones, that aren’t stopped.
  3. The form in general
  4. polls, how do you do them?



For polls click the :gear:️ and then Build Poll.


try typing

@discobot start new user

in a reply. a blue notification will appear on your profile pic in the top right from discobot, it will teach you about the forum


And I don’t know what you mean by invisible font but try
<type what you want invisible here>


Use <your text here> or <big>
Polls, use the gear


Welcome to the forum!

The forum in general is a great place! To check out all of the latest topics other forumers create, go to the categories section and then click the page listed right next to it, called latest! Start by liking other posts (you have a limit to how many likes you can give, so use wisely!) you can also click the little reply button at the bottom of other forumer’s posts to reply! Make sure your reply is sincere, kind, and helpful!

If you need help with anything else, be sure to tag me with the @ symbol. (For example, @Swati_Bang) This applies to any other forumer. What it basically does is sends me a notification so I am directed to your topic/post and can easily help you!

I hope you enjoy your time on the forum! It truly is a wonderful place! :smile:


hhheeeyyyoo:o hey


As in like this? hidden text yeet
You can do that by typing [spoiler] your text here [/spoiler]

And the big font, just type <big> like other people have said

Woah :00

Anyway, welcome to the forum. Have a good time ^^


Welcome to te forum!


Hello and welcome to the forum! Here are answers to all of your questions:

Big font
Write like this: <big>Big font</big>

Small font
Write like this: <small>Small font</big>

Invisible font (the text will be invisible until you quote the post)
Write like this: <invisible text here>

Bold text
Write like this: **Bold text here**

Emphasized text
Write like this: _Text here_

To write different sized titles, you can use hashtags and then a space, like this:
# Title here
You can write up to five or six hashtags before the text (I think) and get text like this:

One hashtag

Four hashtags

You could use these links (tap the blue text below):
New topics - Topics newly created and not viewed by you. Tap here to view them.
Latest topics - The latest topics created or posted in. Tap here to view them.
Top topics - The most popular topics. Tap here to view them.

And for the answers to how to build a poll and how to learn about the forum in general, I would recommend viewing this post for learning how to build polls (tap the blue text) and you could also write “@discobot start new user” in a post to get a message from a robot that will teach you about the forum features.


Yes that Text thanks @Madsie05

thanks dude!


Thank you to:

For helping me with the form! (And saying welcome!)


I’m glad I could help. Just tag me if you need any more help or just want to talk :slight_smile:


What he said


Hi every one! I would like to know how to Dow a few more things on the forum!
Could anyone help me?

1. How do you make a group? Like OMTL?

2. How can you only reply to one person?

Thank you!


1 You can’t make groups like the omtl anymore. When T1 was a mod, she made them for people but now she isn’t soo…

If you still want to make a tag list however...

You can put people’s usernames in a details folder like what I’ve done here.
They’re pretty easy to make it’s just

details= *title of folder goes here*
whatever you want to put in the folder

2 By one person do you mean a private chat (PM) or like reply in general?
Reply in general is the grey (or gray, however you spell it) button on the bottom right of people posts but you can’t make PM’s on this forum. Sorry!

Hopefully this helped you out a tiny bit?


@Madsie05 has the answers. If you specify your second question a little bit more, we will be able to help you.


Thanks! :+1: I was wondering. :+1: