How do you do that?



At first sight, this was amazing. Then I wondered, HOW ON EARTH DID THEY MAKE THAT BACKROUND?!? Please tell me if you know how.


Why don't you check the code and try to figure it out!


I have tried. But I still cant figure it out.🤔


Well then try asking @HoppingBanana ! After all, she did make it :wink:.


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@HoppingBanana its really good!! Its really cool and advanced to. Can you tell me some of the parts to your project??


That project is amazing who made it?


Hopping Banana, I believe!


The code is made by MagmaPOP


You need this to create the blocks

This makes it have that cool look


There are other projects that use that code too.


Got it!! Thanks, @HoppingBanana!!