How do you do smooth pixel art?


I couldn't find anything, but for my first project on my phone I want to do a smooth pixel art! Could anyone explain it to me? I know there's s tutorial somewhere but I can't find it!


like smooth trail or smooth text


I'm wondering this too because I want to get into it


I can help! Feel free to tag me for help with pixel art whenever you need me!

you can check out then pixel art help center topic, and use the pixel art people tag list!

@smishsmash also made me a tutorial that was awesome! Ask her, she taught me!


Well then I summon @smishsmash


Here's a great tutorial by Smishsmash! I've been think on making a detailed tutorial about this soon. It's a really cool style of pixel art.


First set the X and Y position to whatever you want it to be!
That will be your 'start' !

For the actual pixel:
Do whatever color you want, set the width of the trail to 1!
Then you will:
Repeat 15 times:
Change Y by 15
Change Y by -15

And outside the repeat and trail do a 'move forward 1'
Put that (inside the lines) into an ability you can use later for the same color pixel!

When your done with one line, take a new text object and set the position to whatever your Y was -15 and whatever your X was - 15 or if you need to move forward do X+ 15

And that's my rlly cringe tutorial :0
Sorry if it didn't help ;-;

@bluedogmc-official thanks!


I started making a tutorial then never finished it! Maybe we could make one together or something. (If you want. Sry I'm annoying lol)


Woah thank you so much @Intellection74! ;u;


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That's not the full tutorial. Scroll up in that topic, and you'll see more info I think.


We can totally make one together! :smiley: What do you have so far?


Can I help? (Sorry I'm annoying lol XD) :D


Nothing to great, pretty much an intro! I have to go for a little bit, but I'll be on tommorow! What topic should we write it in?



Yah sure! If it's ok with @Intellection74


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I think a collab topic is a great idea.


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