How Do You Delete A GT You Don't Want?



This Issue has been RESOLVED! If you would like to know how to a delete a GT, CLICK HERE!

If you’re wondering, i felt like there wasn’t a topic like this…

So I have really old GT, that’s annoying because I can’t edit the content on it! The first post is so old and I can’t make a new GT until I reach post limit… which won’t happen anytime soon. Is there anyway to delete my GT? Please help I’d like to fix this problem…

Thanks guys!!:slightly_smiling_face: - @PandaS


Hmmm… I dunno…


(Should I make a tag list?)


Yeah, that would notify more people to discuss it


@Ana can you help with this?


So this is a random list of people…
Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged!




holdup… why isn’t the tagging working?


Hopscotch Team Tag List



I don’t think you can. But if you really want to, try emailing THT at Idk if they’ll do it, but it’s worth a shot.


Maybe try asking Ana in the general topic.


I don’t think there is a way to delete a GT, at least none that I know.


What if I lounge it?
@tankt2016 could do it.
@PandaS if you can give me a link to the topic, I could do it!


We can’t delete topics but we can lounge and then you can recycle, so if that’s what you want, tag me or any other reg and we’ll do that for ya


True dat


I emailed THT, so I will see if they reply.

If they don’t, I will definitely try that! Thank you!


Great! Otherwise, I would ask Ana. It´s also possible that she can put the top post in your old general topic on global edit so that you can access it. However, it also gives everyone else seeing the topic access to edit it (as long as they are registered on the forum), but you can easily revert those changes.


Hmm. Thanks for the idea! I’ll consider it


i think you should delete it immediately.


Hello everyone! So @Ana deleted my GT! Yay!

For anyone who wants a topic removed, follow these steps:

1. Write an email to hello@gethopscotch issuing what you want and a reason for it. Make sure to include a link to it!!


2. Wait for a reply. The Hopscotch Team should reply within 1-3 business days.

3. It should be deleted!


go to MY NEW GT!!