How Do You Create A Group?



Hi! I just got Member, and I wonder how you create a group! Like the OMTL, but smaller. Can you help?


Please SBYP. (I see you’re new. That means search before you post.)

But to answer your question, you ask @t1_hopscotch in one of her topics.


Okay! Thanks! I had another account before, but I had some bad experiences, so I quit. I did SBYP, but I couldn’t find anything. Maybe I searched wrong?


Try searching “making a group in Hopscotch,” or “groups.” Try to be as general as possible.
And yes, as Nindroid said, ask t1 about making a group.


This is the topic where you can request a custom group:


We are all trying to be helpful but you actually are helpful.


You were helpful too. I just posted a link, you had already pointed that out :slight_smile: