How do you create a group on the forum?



So I looked it up on the search but I couldn’t find anything to help… And T1 is gone sooooo


Like tag lists? I dont think you can anymore.

Use a folder thingie and just copy-paste it. That’s the only way you can do them now.

How do I make a group

Oh okie thanks a million!



Tbh, I’ve wondered the same thing. I saw someone post something saying you couldn’t though, and the folder things were the only way to go.


What folder things???


Someone just started spam likening me


@panthera help someone spam liking me with more den 50 likes and 50 da max I’m so confused


They spam like really fast


I wOndEr WHo iT coULd bE?


The name is @PTF1 wait that’s you



Insert text here


Ohhh thanks???


As you earn higher ranks, you get more likes.


They joined today!!!


Oh I was spamlikeing on an alt


Oh loooool cause ptf=part time female


Dang I’m almost outmof likes


Yeh I got ptf 1-10. Ima try and make more


I cant get an alt :(


Lool I wanna see other peoples reactions