How do you code ovals in Hopscotch?



I just went trick or treating. It was the most fun I've had in weeks!
Ok two stories!
One is....this clown guy was like 'how ya doin girls' but we ain't scared, we just laughed!
The other is a boy stalked us down the street, it seriously freaked me out as he had a fake weapon, but I kept meh calm!
I know this is off-topic but please don't flag!
I'll just ask a leader to close it!
What happened when you went?



All topics need to be related though :confused:


Aah can u delete it.
Sorry I was HYPER from the sweets...


I didn't even go trick- or- treating yet!



No I can't, but you can recycle this :wink:


Neither did I


Can I post I pic of my candy I got?



Maybe code projects about it!

I had a great time!


Here's mai pic (thank goodness for photo editors lighting was horrible, btw it's me and my brothers and hope my mom doesnt get mad XD) we also ate a lot sooo


Well, me and my friends got a lot of candy.
But, I think you should recycle this, everything needs to be Hopscotch related!
Maybe you could code some cool candy projects?


Maybe so this can stay HS related you can make a candy project on HS!!


Sorry, I'm not sure how I can recycle a topic


Ask Everyone to delete their posts and use it for something else.
Or make the current topic more hopscotch related, that I and @CodePerfect suggested.