How do you close topics?



I really want to close a couple of my topics but I don't know how to!

Please help!


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Ask @admins, @moderators, or @Kiwicute2016 to close your topic. I think that's a better way because I thought that any approved flags harmed your Regular status.



Off-topic, but why is your profile pic "I'm so sorry..."?


Don't ask... :wink:

(Seriously, don't ask :sweat_smile:)


Leaders can only close topics right now!


Flagging to close topics is a bad idea! It harms your 'reputation' on the forum, like you can't get Regular if you get too many flags!


That not a nice subject to talk about :wink:.


I noticed that


I just asked because it seems like EVERYTHING I try to post gets critizesed :expressionless: