How do you clean out Projects? Stop the white screen

I have discovered that my project is at version 29, which means that I have no clue on how to clean it out.

The white screen comes up so often, I barely get to play the game. It crashes so much, and I would like to know a way to stop this.

Possible factors:
Many loops
Many Unicode & hopscotch objects
Many clones
Lots of code

However, what I don’t understand is that at one stage there are only a few Unicode objects shown! Even though there is a lot of Unicode, only a little bit is shown at a time through various stages of the game. Is it true that if I set text to nothing and set size ‘0’ to the Unicode when NOT on screen, will that help out???

Any help? Please recommend any way I could clean it out. I do have JSON files on my iPad. Though I can’t delete anything.

It appears that modern devices resist crashing, however the main commonality of devices are the air 2, which is what I would like the game to also run smoothly on.


Does it crash if you remove all of that code and just have the objects?


I can try that, it’ll take a lot of time

Edit: Common crashes
After edited code about 3 times, the third or fourth time playing, will crash when everything is being generated.

However, may crash when huge amounts of Unicode shift position

May crash when new scenes occur, where new Unicode is present on screen.


It’s common when you go in and out of the editor, that is when it crashes.

Note: it is evident that hopscotch doesn’t refresh the game when exiting and entering editor. I have seen the game from where I last left it when re-entering player, after editing code.


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