How do you change your username?


I want to change my username, but I don’t know how! Please help.


You cant.


I km regular and I’m still not sure if you can…


You can not


Yeah okay… figures… you’d have to make a secondary account

I apologize, I was planning on posting this right on the spot… didn’t see your post


To change your username, you would have to email THT (The Hopscotch Team). They did it with @the_dancer, who originally had the username @SwatiBang. To email them, take a look here:
(scroll down to “Contact Us”)


When you were a new user, you had the options to change your username or delete your account. If you have obtained basic user or member, you unfortunately cannot change your username.

(P.S If you are a new user, it will show when your username is kinda transparent)


They did change my name! Although it may take a little bit for them to acknowledge and answer the email, they still do it and are very helpful!


You cannot change your usernamee.