How do you change your profile pic? I really want to



I really want to but I have no clue how! (I didn’t know what category to put it in)


Go to your profile, then preferences, and there you can change your profile picture


Thanks! :sunglasses::sunglasses:




Now can someone tell me how to do the cool about yourself thingie? I saw that @PuppyLove88 had it and I want to do it


Go to your profile page, preferences, profile, and you can edit your about me there


I didn’t see it! Which button in preferences?



Go to preferences and scroll down till you see your profile pic and click on the box beside it. Let me know if you need any more help (I’ve figured out some stuff)


I see that you’ve solved most things already! I have explained many of the options and things that you can change in this topic:


Ha! I was just about to share this topic before I realized you did already!!

You should check out this topic @William04GamerA shared. It has more preference menu related answers, and is very helpful! It definetly hleped me when I first started!


@Gardeningkittenpup Hey I’ve seen you on hopscotch! You make the best games!


Thank you! I’m about to release a new one


What’s it going to be about


Never mind it has a remix thingie why