How do you change your name?


Hi I'm finally back after a long break and I've forgotten how to change my name on the Hopscotch Forums someone plz help :slight_frown:


Only mods can change your name you can't change it


Only users Trust Level 3 (Leader) and higher can change their usernames, sorry, but you can create a new account.


You can ask a leader to change your name! Just ask BuildASnowman, Kiwicute2016 or Anonymous. Tell them what you want, and they can do it. Also, can someone change me name to Chi? Or is that too short?


Only moderators (trust level... 5? I guess?) can change your name, and they don't do it too often, and usually only for leaders. Sorry :frowning:


Ayour beginner so you can


Thanks I will try that


*Trust level 4
3 is Regular


Mistake, sorry.