How do you change your name in the forum?


How do you change your forum name??????:flushed::flushed::flushed:


Can someone tell me how to change my forum name
(I'm a member)


Ask a moderator. They probably won't change it though.


Currently, you can't change your name on the forum because it would break the tags from before you changed your name. But it would be awesome if we could without breaking the tags! :D


So you can't ever???? @RespectTheLeaders


can regulars change them


Typed it when there was no replies...

Finished typing it and it was the fifth reply. XD


I think you have to ask a mod.


No, only mods and leaders as far as I know.


You can't change your name in the forum, sadly! D:

It would break the tags :0

Hopefully they'll develop that soon! :D

Mods and leaders (I think) can change they're name though, but they usually don't ;D




You unfortunately can't, because it will break all the tags with your username in.