How Do You Change Your Forum Username



Guys I want to know how you can change your username if you know how to could you please reply to my post.


You can't change your forum username, unless you didn't post any replies. :D


@admins @liza @t1_hopscotch can you change my username please


What do you want it to be???


I don't think you can, if you do the forum might crash.


Why would the forum crash?! :sweat_smile:

@BuildASnowman, @NyanCat wants to change his/her forum name.


It would break the notification system, the mods don't want to change any more usernames.


I invited @BuildASnowman to the topic


But what about all those people with 2016 in their name?


That's right, BuildASnowman doesn't want to change anymore names because it would break the forum notification system. He changed Phase Admin for a test and me because I became a leader :wink:.


If he changes mine or @OrangeScent1's name, discourse would DEFINITELY crash :stuck_out_tongue:


;-; now I have music lessons


It would break the forum? Huh?


Each time someone mentions you like @kiwicute2016, it creates a notification. By changing your name, you break or lose all of these notifications, confusing the computer.


Ohhhhhhhh..... That makes sense! Thanks!


Please I need it so much and I want it to be Doodle Studios


You can't. You joined a long time ago, so there's a lot of @'s that would be broken. It could mess up the forum. The mods aren't doing it anymore. Sorry.


Please I would do anything


I hate to say this, but it just isn't possible. It would crash the Forum, and no one would be able to use it. Think about it, would you rather have the whole forum crash, and have everyone punished, but your name is changed, or would you leave it so everyone can still use it, but your name is still the same? If you change it, there's a chance that it won't even be helpful, because the forum would be down.