How do you change your avatar?


Hey guys new to the forum here and I need to know how to change my avatar. I don't just want a plain S. Someone please respond.



Hi @silverstream to change your avatar just simply tap you avatar pic and change it
And speaking of avatar pics there are some new pics coming up in the next update but there still in beta:


Hi @silverstream, @Gabe_N's post is great for changing your Hopscotch avatar. If you mean your forum avatar, check out this great post by @ColeDJ:

Here's the link:


really so you just tap the avatar because its not working. I'll walk you through what I did. So I pressed my avatar on the top right corner of the screen. It gave me text. I saw profile so I pressed it but it did not show me any other avatars. Maybe you can walk me through what you did.



go to drafts and tap on your profile picthen this screen should pop upthen choose your character (I chose robo)
Then because i chose robo it looks like this but when you press done I'll show your character


Yeah I know that's how you change it. I was talking about the forum. It's ok I figured it out.:relaxed: