How do you change angle direction, movement but not the actual angle of an object?


So, I want the object to move at 20 degrees, but I don’t want the object to be at an angle of 20 degrees. I want it’s angle at 0, but moving in a 20 degree angle - how?



As I don’t code with Hopscotch anymore, I can only give some simple solution.
Have your Sprite forever set position to a Sprite(dot)
Then move the dot at 20 degree angle

I’m sure @ThinBuffalo knows a way to do this using Cos/Sine and even polar coordinates


The thing is, the sprite is an actual object, not a dot.


I mean set your objects position to the dot.
Make the dot invisible.


I think there is a better way than that, I am trying not to add extra objects.

I think this is possible with sine and cosine, don’t know how though.


I like the simplicity of @Stradyvarious’ way. But to avoid adding extra objects:

Introduce an object variable named MoveAngle

When 7=7
    Set Angle = (self) MoveAngle - 30

(Or whatever value instead of 30 makes the object face “foreword”)

You can still use the native Speed trait to avoid adding a new variable. To make our code work the similarly to Move Forward, we just need to know that the distance moved per frame is Speed/40 (this was worked out through testing). So a speed a 40 would move at 1 pixel per frame, while a speed of 400 would move at 10 pixels per frame. We can also use the Speed variable to control when the object moves by setting Speed to 0 when we want it to stop.

When Speed ≠ 0
    Set Position X: (Speed/40)*Cos(MoveAngle) + X position Y: (Speed/40)*Sin(MoveAngle) + Y position

And of course instead of using the red Set Angle block, you’d use the yellow Set MoveAngle = [some angle]

I published a WIP (work in process) project a while back that uses this technique since the plane emoji is at an 45 deg angle:


This seems a little bit tricky. But try @ThinBuffalo’s solution!


I think I have done something similar to this…but I needed two objects… I had one object move in the angle while the other one was repeatedly setting its position to the first…


Never tried but i guess the trig way would probably use a set position anyway but idk if that would work.


So you want it to be angled but look like it still is at 0 degrees?


Not expert,but trying to help.
Your sprite can have a clone,which would be visible and the original object is invisible. I think try setting invisibility to 99%. The original would have a different angle and the clone will have a different angle. I think this is how you would do it
When game starts
Create a clone
(Make a new object value called rotation)
Set (original object)rotation to (your angle)
When object is cloned
Set (clone)rotation to 0
Hope this helps.


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