How do you bring drawn lines to the front?



I'm having trouble with an upcoming project I have. Without giving it away, there is a line that I want to constantly have. The problem is, it's always in the back and the objects are covering it. So how do I make the line above the other objects? Thanks, and stay tuned for my project.


I think you have to bring the character that is drawing the line to the front

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Nope lines cannot be brought to front at all, you need to texts


If it's a line that you used a text object for than use bring to front but if it's a drawn line you can't bring it above everything.


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Then the project will get laggy!


Thanks guys! I just decided to cut it out before it got too complicated. Expect it out tomorrow at the earliest!


It is possible to bring a line to the front of everything including text objects and other drawings. You just can't do it with a drawn line. You can use a dash or this | symbol turned 90 degrees and have the code

When 7=7
Bring to Front


When Play Button is Tapped
Repeat Forever
    Bring to Front